The Metal-Polymer Research Institute started up as a laboratory in 1956. Its founder Vladimir Belyi (Academician of National Academy of Sciences since 1972) has united a research team of most promising undergraduates from Belarus Institute of Railway Transport to start a research work in friction of nonmetallic materials, physics and mechanics of polymers. On this base, a laboratory in strength and durability of machines and machine parts was organized in 1959. A number of the major Belarus enterprises participated in construction and equipment of the laboratory. To stimulate the qualitative growth of research, it was decided to open the post-graduate course in 1960.
After merging with just open Institute of Mathematics and Computer Techniques (1961), the Laboratory has begun the work on a new problem Fundamentals of design, computation, production technology and research of plastic machine parts. In the short run, Belarus industry has received the first vertical molding machines developed at the laboratory. In early 60-ies the first Republican scientific and technical conference Application of Plastics in Machine-Building and Instrument-Making was organized by the laboratory (1962), the first invention was filed Combined herringbone gear with Novikov engagement by theauthors V.A. Belyi, V.A. Sviridenok, et al (1962), the first state-budget research work Complex investigations of plastic gearing with Novikov engagement was successfully fulfilled (1963). The laboratory was reorganized in the Metal-Polymer Research Institute (MPRI NASB) in 1969.

The Institute was created in response to a breakthrough in the physics and mechanics of polymers, growing demands of economy in polymer and metal-polymer materials as well as broad vistas in their adoption in industry. The outstanding Academicians M.V. Keldysh, V.A. Karguin, A.Y. Ishlinsky, P.A. Rebinder, K.A. Andrianov and I.V. Kragelskii have contributed much effort and concern in construction and development of the Institute.

Academician Vladimir A. Belyi (1922 1994) was the first director of the institute (till 1979). In commemoration of its founder, MPRI NASB bears his name (1994). Between 1979 and 1991 the Institute was headed by Academician Anatolyi I. Sviridenok, from 1991 till 2002 by the Corresponding-Member of Belarus AS Yury M. Pleskachevsky. Since 2002 the Institute's leader is Academician, Prof. Nikolai K. Myshkin.

At present the Institute carries out the research in about 50 subjects yearly in the framework of state programs in both fundamental and applied spheres, more than 20 tasks of the national and regional scientific and technical programs. It cooperates on contractual base with 70-80 enterprises, design and research organizations in Belarus and other states.

Numerous papers and patents generalized in dozens of monographs, Ph.D. and D.Sc. theses have brought to the Institute excellent reputation at home and abroad. Many of the staff members of MPRI were decorated with the national and foreign premiums, orders and medals for the achievements in research and development


1959 a branch laboratory for strength and durability of machines and their parts of the Institute of Theoretical Engineering of BSSR AS.
1964 a Department of the Mechanics of Polymers of BSSR AS.
1969 Metal-Polymer Research Institute of BSSR AS.
1994 V.A. Belyi Metal-Polymer Research Institute of Academy of Sciences of Belarus (MPRI ASB).
1997 . V.A. Belyi Metal-Polymer Research Institute of National Academy of Sciences of Belarus (MPRI NASB).


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