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SDB Metal-Polymer was founded in 1968. It is a well-equipped enterprise with highly qualified engineering and design staff in the field of instrument-making, mechanical engineering, electronics and plastics processing. Its production activities are connected with designing the technology and equipment for processing of composite materials and their waste as well as creation of various research facilities.


The modern manufacturing basis of SDB Metal-Polymer is specialized chiefly in
painting (powder technique)
plastics injection molding and extrusion


- design, production and delivery of the machinery and techniques for polymer powder coating application;
- manufacture of standard or custom-made equipment;
- various output process lines for powder painting metal ware and asbestos-cement sheets (coating application devices, ovens, transporting systems and other equipment)

- hose film aggregate (RPA) for manufacturing hose film from granulated low-density polyethylene;
- vertical molding machines PL-71, VLM-93 for manufacturing thermoplastic articles


Equipment for recycling polymer waste, washing, grinding, drying, and agglomeration of PE and PETP films
Universal rotor grinders IUR-200 and I-902 used to grind plastics, fabric and leather wastes
Rotor grinders IR001.350 for preliminary grinding PETF containers aimed at compact storage or transporting to recycling sites
Washing unit SM 200.132 for washing secondary polymer raw material, including in hot solvents, to remove glue and paper
Drier SU-22 for drying polymer materials and secondary raw stock
Agglomerators 021, 031 for cutting polymer waste to produce an
agglomerate fit for processing in worm presses and molding machines
Strand granulators GS 070, GS 090 for manufacture of cylindrical granules from ground waste of thermoplastic polymers
Rotor-type fiber shredders VIRM-0.3L, VIRM-1,8 for metered cutting of all types of natural and synthetic fibers either tangled or in braids, fabric, glass cloth, stockinet, felt, leather
Process line LT76 for production of pipes from secondary polyethylene
Production of instrument panels
Manufacturing technique for fibrous-porous products based on polymer materials and composites.

- tubular and flat aerating elements for fine-bubble aeration of wastewater (during biological cleaning) or air-depleted waters.

The results of fundamental and applied investigations carried in research Departments of the Institute have been generalized in more than 80 monographs, 30 theses for conferment of doctors and 110 Ph.Ds degrees.
Scientists of the Institute publish 100 to 140 research articles in international and national scientific and technical journals yearly. About 100 reports are made at the conferences and symposia of various levels and 4-6 thesis are defended each year.
Scientists of the Institute are engaged in brisk invention activities. Theyve got more than 1800 Inventors Certificates and patents in the leading countries of the world, were rewarded with golden medals and diploma of international and national exhibitions.
One of the three discoveries in the field of tribology recorded in the years of the Soviet Union belongs to Prof. Belyi and his disciples. In 1998 the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences and International Association on Scientific Discoveries has registered and granted a diploma on the discovery with the priority of February, 1984 under the title: The ability of the synovial fluid to ensure high antifrictional properties of cartilages in joints via a mesomorphous nematic state of the lubricant in the friction zone (by the authors: B.I. Kupchinov, S.S. Ermakov, V.G. Rodnenkov, S.N. Bobrysheva, Y.M. Pleskachevsky, V.A. Belyi (posthumous), E.D. Beloenko, and I.R. Voronovich).

MPRI belongs to the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus. It endeavors to combine the high-level fundamental and applied research with practical goals of scientific works. The Institute contributes much in the advancement of polymer materials science, the theory of friction and wear of solids surface physics, chemistry and mechanics and other spheres of knowledge. This union of science and technology is reflected in assimilation of Institutes developments ranging from mechanical engineering, oil-producing, electronic, construction, instrument-making industries till municipal economy, medicine and food spheres. Versatile and ingenious assistance is rendered by the scientists of MPRI in innovation activities of the republican enterprises, adoption of novel materials, resource and energy-saving technologies, and promotion of advanced competitive goods

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