International Scientific and Technical Conference
Polymer Composites and Tribology

National Academy of Sciences of Belarus
State Committee on Science and Technology of the Republic of Belarus
Belarus Foundation for Fundamental Research
Scientific and Technical Council at Gomel Regional Executive Committee
State Scientific Institution “V.A. Belyi Metal-Polymer Research Institute”
Concern “Belneftekhim”

July 18-21, 2005
Gomel, Belarus
Conference programm



The International Scientific and Technical Conference “Polymer Composites and Tribology” (POLYCOMTRIB-2005) will be held in Gomel, Belarus on July 18 21, 2005.
The conference will discuss fundamental and applied aspects of materials science and tribology, latest advances in this field and promote creative communication between scientists and engineers.
A special session “Fluoropolymers: materials science aspects and tribology” will be organized jointly with the Siberian Department of Russian AS.
It's scheduled to organize an exhibition of the processing equipment for composites by Leistritz Extrusionstechnik, GmbH (Germany).
The official languages are Russian and English. Simultaneous translation will be available.
Abstracts will be printed out by the conference opening. Full manuscripts will be published in journals “Materials, Technologies, Tools” and “Friction and Wear”.


Each author may present at the conference not more than 2 manuscripts. The participants should send by mail filled in registration form and an abstract before April 01, 2005. Please, simultaneously send the abstract by e-mail to the address:
mpri-conf@mail.ru (in ZIP or RAR)
The registration form is filled in for each participant and manuscript according to the attached form. The papers sent by fax won't be accepted.

Oral papers up to 15 min
Posters up to 8 pages A4


- basics in polymer composites and interfacial interaction of components;
- structure and properties of composites, methods of control, analysis and forecast of durability;
- processing of composites, design and application efficiency of components, recycling;
- nanostructural systems, nanomaterials and nanotechnologies;
- physico-chemistry, technology and properties of coatings and films;
- surface physics, chemistry and mechanics;
- surface engineering, advances in the theory of friction, wear and lubrication of solids;
- materials science in tribology;
- hardware, friction joints, methods of analysis and design;
- means and methods of diagnostics, monitoring and testing of tribosystems.

Myshkin N.K. – Chairman
Pesetsky S.S. – Co-chairman
Konchits V.V. Co-chairmanKudina E.F. – secretary
Furst A.
Goldade V.V.
Grakovich P.N.
Ermakov S.F.
Kholodilov O.V.
Petrokovets M.I.
Pinchuk L.S. Savitsky V.N.
Sergienko V.P.
Sivyi B.P.
Smurugov V.A.
Snezhkov V.V.
Yurkevich O.R.
Pleskachevsky Y.M. – Chairman (Belarus)
Agabekov V.E. (Belarus)
Bartz B. (Germany)
Buznik V.M. (Russia)
Burmistr M.V. (Ukraine)
Bhushan B. (USA)
Bushe N.A. (Russia)
Goryacheva I.G. (Russia)
Dmitrichenko N.F. (Ukraine)
Drozdov Y.N. (Russia)
Ivanchev S.S. (Russia)
Jurkowski B. (Poland)
Kalnyn M.M. (Latvia)
Kolesnikov V.I. (Russia)
Krasnov A.P. (Russia)
Krul L.P. (Belarus)
Krupets L.N.(Belarus) Khramtsov S.N. (Belarus)
Lebedev E.V. (Ukraine)
Liu Weimin (China)
Luo Jianbin (China)
Lyavinskas R.E. (Lithuania)
Luzhnov Y.M. (Russia)
Meyer M. (USA)
Mityurich G.S. (Belarus)
Parenago O.P. (Russia)
Pogosyan A.K. (Armenia)
Podgurskas I. (Lithuania)
Prokopchuk N.R (Belarus)
Pytko S. (Poland)
Rogachev A.V. (Belarus)
Sviridenok A.I. (Belarus)
Soldatov V.S. (Belarus)
Ushkevich G.V. (Belarus)
Walicky E. (Poland)


V.A. Belyi Metal-Polymer Research Institute of NASB
32A Kirov Street, 246050 Gomel, Belarus

Phone: +375 (232) 77 46 26 – Kudina Elena F.
Phone: +375 (232) 77 46 47 – Bozhanova Elena S.
Fax: +375 (232) 77 52 11
E-mail: mpri-conf@mail.ru
Website: http://mpri.org.by


The abstracts should be prepared in MS Word 97/2000 and not contain figures and references
- Times New Roman, font 12;
- paper A4 (210x297 mm);
- name the file by the first author's surname;
- one and a half line interval, with 10 mm indentation;
- upper, left and lower margins – 20 mm, right margin – 10 mm;
- don't exceed 2200 symbols;

The abstracts should begin with the title of the paper followed by the author(s)' initials and surname(s), affiliation, ity and country. The abstracts should contain statement of the problem, its essence and methods of investigations, results obtained and a conclusion.

Deadlines Submission of abstracts
Circulation of Conference program
Submission of full manuscripts hard and soft copies
before April 1, 2005
before June 1, 2005
before July 1, 2005

at registration
July 18, 2005
July 21, 2005


It's preferential to pay the registration fee before June 1, 2005. The registration will be considered valid upon the receipt of money transfer by the Organizing Committee. Please, indicate in the money transfer: “Prepayment for participation in the conference”.
The full registration fee includes payment for the conference proceedings, accommodation, social program, coffee/tea breaks, and transport expenses.

Money transfer:

In Euro should be paid to:
Bank account: American Express Bank GmbH, Frankfurt am Main; acc. 18071205 SWIFT AEIB DE FX.
Correspondent account. of the Belarus Bank Minsk, Branch 321 Gomel, acc. 6111000000484
In favor of MPRI NASB, acc. 3622026620540.

in USD:
Bank account: Bankers Trust Company, New York
acc. 04095692 SWIFT BKTRUS33.
Correspondent account. of the Belarus Bank Minsk, Branch 321 Gomel, acc. 6111000000484
For MPRI NASB, acc. 3622000000418.


The conference will be held in a resort hotel “Gold Sands” situated on the river Sozh 30 km from Gomel.
Gomel is a regional center situated in the south-eastern part of Belarus. It rates second in the republic after Minsk in number of inhabitants (over 600 ths), economic and scientific potential. There are three institutes of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus in Gomel, six universities, a number of industrial research institutes, dozens of industrial enterprises, 2 theaters and a circus. Among places of interest is a bicentennial palace-park ensemble, which is of great historical and artistic value.

MPRI of NASB was founded in 1969 by academician Belyi V.A. About 60 scientists with doctor degree among 300 in staff are working today at the institute.


On July 18 from 8 a.m. till 6 p.m. at MPRI NASB.

Please send the Registration form with the Abstract before April 1, 2005 to the Conference Secretariat.


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