The laboratory is intended for testing sound-absorbing and soundproof materials. Has been accredited within the State Standard System.

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Fields of activities embrace
- testing of sound absorbing and soundproof materials;
- simulation of laminated sound-abating structures, sound proofing of workplaces at enterprises, cabins and power units of vehicles and railway transport.

Test objects: sound absorbing materials, multilayered sound-absorbing and soundproof items, products of construction purposes, workplaces.

Accreditation sphere:
- sampling and quality control of noise-proof materials (State Standard 16297-80);
- evaluation of normal acoustic absorptivity (State Standard 16297-80);
- parameters of constant and pulsed noise (State Standard 12.1.050-86);
- acoustic characteristics of noise-absorbing media; combined constant of sound propagation and normal acoustic impedance. (The method of acoustic interferometer, design and experimental procedure developed at MPRI NASB);

The measuring equipment yields high-quality, reliable and unbiassed test results.

Synthesis of layered structures from commercial materials aimed at ensuring optimum noise reduction levels within a given sound frequency range based on computed acoustic absorptivity values and sound-insulating parameters.

Soundproofing involves determination of the noise range, choice of materials and structures, and installation.

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