The Department was organized in December 2001.

Head of the department Ph.D. Vladimir P. Sergienko

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- thermophysical phenomena, tribochemical, deformation and fatigue processes in friction contacts of metal-polymer friction joints;
- simulation of structure, characteristics and stress-strain state of frictional composites;
- ecologically safe heatproof frictional materials with a polymer matrix;
- high-strength and wear resistant composite materials based on thermosetting polymer fillers;
- sound-absorbing media, modeling of laminated soundproof structures;
- energy- and resource-saving production technologies of polymer composites and products;



Х asbestos-free frictional composite materials on polymer base for operation in dry friction conditions and in oil;
Х frictional linings for brakes and clutches of wheel tractors, heavy trucks, agricultural machinery, motorcycles and equipment used in railroad construction facilities, metallurgy, metal working, oil and chemical production;
Х multidisc oil-cooled brakes;
Х soundproof laminated materials and noise barriers, certification and maintenance of noise-absorbing materials;
Х composite materials for reconditioning worn metal surfaces, healing of surface and bulk defects of ferrous and nonferrous metals;
Х heat-resistant glues and adhesives for bonding nonmetallic materials and metals for operation in various media including hostile and oily ones.


Х Asbestos-free composite materials for brakes, couplings, clutches of vehicles, airplanes, rolling stock and process equipment.
Х Items of frictional purposes.
Х Frictional materials for operation in oil, multidisc oil-cooled brakes of efficient designs ensuring high power and reliability of disc systems.
Х Composite materials for healing casting defects to provide reliable sealing of all visible defects (cracks, chippage, casting defects, traces of abrasive and corrosion wear) in cast iron and other types of castings.
Х composite self-lubricating material F4-VM
Х Thermosetting glue intended for fixed bonding of metals, thermosetting polymers, ceramics and other engineering materials.


Х production technology of friction pads for brake units, clutches and couplings;
Х production technology of friction discs for multidisc oil-cooled brakes and hydromechanic transmissions of vehicles;
Х technology of reconditioning worn-out metal friction surfaces of the process equipment and healing visible defects of parts from ferrous and non-ferrous metals;
Х processing of wood-polymer materials into items by direct molding.


Х Engineering methods of computing heat load on frictional pairs operating in unlubricated conditions and liquid friction;
Х Calculation methods of soundproof structures with preset service conditions;
Х Calculation methods of optimum regimes of processing thermosets into products


Х Development of formulations for frictional and heat-resistant structural materials on the customer's order.
Х Prediction and calculation of temperature fields in friction joints.
Х Laboratory of acoustic tests. Tests of sound-absorbing and soundproof materials. Construction of the local sound landscape. Creation of noise outline maps. The Department has been accredited within the Belgosstandard system for acoustic tests.
Х Laser Doppler vibrometry (portable Bruel & Kj?r's equipment) Contactless measurements of vibrations on above-water and land objects. Investigation of vibrations in machine parts and mechanisms. Calibration of accelerators.
Х Development of design files and records for technological auxiliaries, compounding and grinding equipment.
Х Frictional and wear tests of materials.

Topics for joint projects:

- Development of ecologically safe frictional materials and organization of their production in mechanical engineering.


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