Head of the Department: Dr.Sci., Prof. Leonid S. Pinchuk

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Laboratory No. 8.1 Active polymer materials headed by Dr. Sci., Prof. Pinchuk L.S.
Laboratory No. 8.2 Polarization of materials headed by Dr. Sci., Prof. Goldade V.A.


physico-chemical laws of insulation, engineering principles of ensuring impermeability of walls and junctions in machines, sealing materials based on polymers;
materials science of polymer composites containing liquid-phase ingredients;
antirust protection, corrosion inhibiting mechanisms rendered by polymers in metals;
filtration mechanics, production technologies for polymer fibrous filtering materials as sources of physical fields;
tribology of artificial joints, simulation of biophysical properties of synovial fluids;
radioabsorbing polymer materials;
electric polarization of polymers, thermoactivation methods of studying polarization mechanisms

- polymer films, coats and antifrictional materials containing corrosion inhibitors;
- filtering fibrous polymer materials for purification of liquids and gases, polymeric materials for engineering ecology;
- multifunctional polymer fibrous filtering materials;
- sealing composite materials for mechanical engineering and ship-building, oil and gas industry, electronics and electric engineering;
- polymer fibrous non-woven radioabsorbing materials;
- bactericidal and biodegradable polymer films and fibrous materials

- metal-polymer endoprostheses of the hip and knee;
- polymeric implants with cartilage-simulating structure

- instruments and equipment for thermoactivation analysis of condensed media;
- equipment and production tools for manufacture of fibrous materials and products by melt blowing

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