BY Patents Nos.: 1418, 1484, 1424, 1481, 1592, 1662, 1810, 2021, 2340, 2408
Authors: L.S. Pinchuk, V.A. Goldade, A.V. Makarevich, Yu.V. Gromyko, I.M. Vertyachikh, E.I. Parkalova, A.G. Kravtsov

The production technology of filtering materials consists in melt blowing of a thermoplastic material in a flow of compressed gas.

The process involves
- impregnation of modifying fibers as a dispersion of solid particles, sublimated vapor and liquid aerosol into the sprayed flow;
- additional magnetizing of filtering elements filled by magnetics;
- electrical polarization of fibers.

Polymer fibrous materials and their products

Developed by MPRI filtering materials are produced by Shin Yang Ind. Co. (South Korea)

Types of developed filtering materials:

Magnetic materials

Filled by ultra-dispersed magneto-solid particles intended for removal of
- metallic debris from technological fluids in machines;
- ferromagnetic contaminants from gases in pneumatic lines and air-cooling systems;
- iron-containing admixtures in waste waters.

Electret and conducting materials

The technology of melt blowing envisages a spontaneous formation of the electret charge in the fibers. They are intended for cleaning of gases from submicron solid particles and liquid drops in individual means of protecting respiratory organs, dust collectors, pneumosystems, devices for cleaning gas ejections.

Adsorptive and deodorizing materials

Contain adsorbent particles bonded with the polymer fiber surfaces. The fibrous matrix contains immobilized adsorption-active substances, porous adsorbents impregnated with deodorizing and aromatic compositions, mono- and polynuclear nitrogen-containing heterocycles.
The materials are intended for cleaning sewage containing different suspended solid contaminants, emulsified oil products, diluted salts of hard metals, organic toxins and detergents with varying pH of waste waters.

Adsorptive microbicidal materials

Include bonded on the fibers microbicidal preparations. They are intended for filtration and adsorptive purification and disinfection of liquids and gases.

Biologically active materials

Incorporate modified 5-phenyltetrazole. They are intended for highly efficient biological purification of sewage, as well as high-loaded waste waters of chemical enterprises and recirculation waters of nuclear power plants.


Structure of magnetic filtering material:
particles of magnetics encapsulated in the polymer binder
Structure of adsorptive filtering material:
particles of adsorbent (activated coal) are bonded to the fiber surface
Structure of the filtering material modified by 5-phenyltetrazole:
crystalline formations of tetrazole are observed on the fiber surface


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