(developed jointly with Gomel State Medical University)

This material was developed within the framework of the State Scientific and Technical Program Triboengineering and Surgery based on BY Patent No. 2673 Joint endoprosthesis by L.S. Pinchuk, E.A. Tsvetkova, V.I. Nikolaev, A.V. Makarevich, V.A. Goldade.

Polymer cup insert of the total hip endoprosthesis with a modified layer

Head of a unipolar hip endoprosthesis

The insert is a requisite part of the total hip endoprosthesis intended for total substitution of a damaged natural joint by the artificial one.
The friction surface of the spherical cavity of the insert is fit with a cartilage-simulating microporous layer. This layer bears an electret charge that improves lubrication of the endoprosthesis by the synovial fluid and serves as a container for drugs, ensures their prolonged isolation in the operation wound and abates fatigue wear of the polymer part.

The head is designed for a partial substitution of the hip joint to mate the cartilage. The head is fabricated from ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene with a modified friction surface.
This head is fixed on a metal stem during implantation. The design has proved to decrease substantially the rehabilitation period, enlarge the polymer part life and lessen damageability of the acetabular cartilage tissue.

A typical structure of metal-polymer hip endoprosthesis


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