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International scientific journal Journal of Friction and Wear has been published since 1980 bimonthly, one volume (six numbers) per year.
Journal of Friction and Wear is the most complete in CIS countries source of information on the state of research in friction, wear, and lubrication and their practical applications. It enters the lists of the Higher Attestation Committees of the Republic of Belarus and Russia for publishing results of dissertations.
The full-text electronic version of the journal is available through the database of the Russian Universal Scientific Electronic Library (www.elibrary.ru).
Starting from 2007 the English version of the Journal of Friction and Wear is produced by the new publisher Pleiades Publishing which provides simultaneous output of both Russian and English versions, publication of the English version in the electronic format using up-to-date worldwide publishing standards, and distribution via Springerlink, one of the largest commercial databases for scientific literature.

National Academy of Sciences of Belarus
State Committee on Science and Technologies of the Republic Belarus
V.A. Belyi Metal-Polymer Research Institute of NASB

Editor-in-Chief: A.I. Sviridenok (Belarus)
Deputy Editors-in-Chief: I.G. Goryacheva (Russia), N.K. Myshkin (Belarus)
Executive Secretary: Cand. Sci. D. V. Tkachuk (Belarus)

Members of the Editorial board:
Corresponding Member A.V. Belyi (Belarus), Prof. B. Bhushan (USA), Cand. Sci. M. A. Bronovets (Russia), Corresponding Member S.A. Chizhik (Belarus), Prof. I. Crudu (Rumania), Prof., Dr. Sci. N. F. Dmitrichenko (Ukraine), Prof., Dr. Sci. Yu. N. Drozdov (Russia), Prof. F. Franek (Austria), Prof. I. Garbar (Israel), Corresponding Member A. F. Ilyshenko (Belarus), Prof. P. Jost (Great Britain), Academician V. I. Kolesnikov (Russia), Corresponding Member Yu. M. Pleskachevsky (Belarus), Corresponding Member A. K. Pogosyan (Armenia), Prof. S. Pytko (Poland), Prof. E. Santner (Germany), Cand. Sci. V. A. Smurugov (Belarus), Academician P. A. Vityaz (Belarus), Dr. Sci. I. V. Voitov (Russia), Prof., Dr. Sci. S. M. Zakharov (Russia)

Editorial advisory board:
Prof., Dr. Sci. V. M. Aleksandrov (Russia), Prof. N. Antonesku (Rumania), Academician V. N. Antsiferov (Russia), Prof., Dr. Sci. A. V. Beletskii (Belarus), Prof., Dr. Sci. V. F. Bezyazychnyi (Russia), Prof. P. Blashkovich (Slovakia), Prof., Dr. Sci. P. N. Bogdanovich (Belarus), Prof., Dr. Sci. A. N. Bolotov (Russia), Prof., Cand. Sci. A. I. Burya (Ukraine), Prof., Dr. Sci. I. A. Buyanovsky (Russia), Prof., Dr. Sci. S. G. Chulkin (Russia), Cand. Sci. M. N. Dobychin (Russia), Prof., Dr. Sci. A. H. Dzhanakhmedov (Azerbaijan), Prof., Dr. Sci. A. A. Evtushenko (Poland), Prof., Dr. Sci. M. V. Golub (Belarus), Dr. Sci. A. Ya. Grigoriev (Belarus), Prof. B. Ivkovich (Serbia), Prof., Dr. Sci. O. V. Kholodilov (Belarus), Prof., Dr. Sci. A. V. Kolubaev (Russia), Prof., Dr. Sci. A. P. Krasnov (Russia), Prof., Dr. Sci. Yu. M. Luzhnov (Russia), Prof., Dr. Sci. Yu. K. Mashkov (Russia), Prof., Dr. Sci. V. V. Meshkov (Russia), Corresponding Member F. I. Panteleenko (Belarus), Prof., Dr. Sci. L. S. Pinchuk (Belarus), Prof. J. Podgurskas (Lithuania), Prof., Dr. Sci. L. I. Pogodaev (Russia), Prof. M. Scherek (Poland), Prof., Dr. Sci. A. P. Semenov (Russia), Prof., Dr. Sci. G. M. Sorokin (Russia), Prof. Ya. Sukhanek (Czechia), Prof., Dr. Sci. A. G. Suslov (Russia), Prof. E. Valitcky (Poland), Prof. Veimin Liu (China)

Editorial Office:
State Scientific Institution V.A. Belyi Metal-Polymer Research Institute of NASB
Journal Friction and Wear
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