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Quarterly edition

Is an international scientific and technical journal published quarterly since January 1996 (1 volume/year). The papers can be presented in Russian (with abstracts in English) or in English (with abstracts in Russian) and are subjected to reviewing. The journal MATERIALS, TECHNOLOGIES, TOOLS reflects state of the art in the field of materials science, advanced technologies in instrument-making, different-purpose tools and their fields of use.
The journal publishes subject and book reviews, makes reports on the events in various spheres of science and engineering taking place at home and abroad, informs on the conferences and exhibitions, publishes data on efficient engineering solutions.
The journal also advertises novel technologies, equipment, instruments, materials and test methods.

National Academy of Sciences of Belarus
State Committee on Science and Technologies of the Republic Belarus
V.A. Belyi Metal-Polymer Research Institute of NASB

Editor-in-chief: Y.M. Pleskachevsky
Deputy-Editors-in-Chief: N.V. Andrianov, S.S. Pesetskii
Executive secretary: V.A. Smurugov

S.A. Astapchik, E.D. Beloenko, A.V. Belyi, I.V. Bondar, P.A. Vityaz, M.S. Vysotsky, A.P. Dostanko, M.A. Zhuravkov, N.K. Myshkin, N.M. Olekhnovich, V.Ya. Prushak, A.I. Rakhmanov, A.M. Rusetsky, A.I. Sviridenok, V.P. Sergienko, B.M. Khrustalev, V.K. Sheleg

Editorial Office:
State Scientific Institution УV.A. Belyi Metal-Polymer research Institute of NASBФ
Journal "Materials, Technologies, Tools"
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