- Laboratory of Climatic Testing
- Belarussian Republican Center of Probe Microscopy
- Center of Tribological Testing of Composite Materials and Lubricants
- Laboratory of Acoustic Tests

Rendered services:
- evaluation of warranty terms of polymer and composite items in constrained climatic conditions;
- strength and stiffness design of structures from composite materials, mechanical testing of materials based on ISO and State Standards;
- design and manufacture of process equipment and auxiliaries for casting, extrusion, molding of polymer products, development of software for corresponding engineering processes;
- analysis of chemical composition and chemical structure of polymer materials;
- consulting on protection and utilizing objects of intellectual property, compiling of license agreements and agreements on conceding the rights;
- patenting and marketing, legalizing of applications for inventions, useful models, industrial designs, trademarks;
- publishing and polygraphic activities (printing of books, booklets, preprints, forms, reference and advertising information).

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